Butternut squash cream soup with ginger

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Butternut squash cream soup with ginger


I’ve wanted to post this recipe since New Year’s Eve. It was inspired by a delicious carrot and ginger soup served in Kenya. Marcel prepared it, to give me something vegetarian to eat at the passing between the years.

He used:

150g butternut squash


10g ginger

a clove of garlic

100ml water


Is it easy to make? Very easy! Clean the butternut squash, cut it into slices, and let it sit in the oven for one hour in a baking pan lined with baking parchment at 180-200C.

The butternut squash slices ready for the oven!

Then, while they’re still hot, blend them with the salt, ginger, garlic, and water. Serve it after 1-2 minutes.


Mmm... This is how I entered 2024. J


P.S. If you let the butternut squash cool, pour hot water into the blender.

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