What makes me sparkle?

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When I was a chubby little blonde girl with curls, I used to love the days when my two grandmothers would clear the kitchen table, bring a wooden worktop half the size of the table [and it was one big table!] and, to the left, I had my own little space to sift some flour. To play, to create, to give life to the most delicious bakes.
With Mama and Gizimama in Bod, Romania

The connection broke. But not entirely. I’ve always loved sweets, but I don’t know how I got convinced that I couldn’t bake them. (I had a secret thought of marrying a baker or a pastry chef… and ask him to bake for me.)
Two years ago, I discovered some cookies that I kept preparing for my love, because he was crazy about them. I also registered for a short gelato class at Anzola dell'Emilia. I felt the same energy that the Food Network shows give off and I followed my heart. My tangerine sorbetto, prepared by me from A to Z, was the most appreciated of all and was immediately displayed for sale.
In Italy, at Gelato University

I got my connection back and it keeps intensifying. I got to trust myself more. I try out so many things! Most of them are healthy – I don’t like cooking with oil and I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 3. My desserts are mainly fruit-based, even vegetable-based. I believe that the most important thing is, apart from using the best ingredients that you can find, to put soul into it. Any bake must awaken something in the person tasting it – friend or stranger.
Baking at home, with Marcel

I am happy when I see that everything gets eaten from a plate, when I see the people that I feed happy!
Travels have been the most important part of my life for almost 14 years. What did I miss most on my last trip? Baking! How do I make that feeling go away? I learn recipes, I ask people, I taste, and… I returned home with cocoa, coconut flakes, and dehydrated papaya.  
I dream of opening a café someday, where I would spoil my visitors with the joy that I felt whenever I experienced new flavours, in various parts of our world. I would like them all to be gathered under one roof!

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