Raspberry jam

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Raspberry jam

1kg raspberries

1kg sugar

juice from one lemon


Behind this recipe (still my Mom’s recipe) are my childhood friends Erzsi and Hilda. Hilda made me drool when she prepared raspberry jam. Erzsi delivered the raspberries grown and picked by her sister, also in Bod. ♥


Marcel made the jam and it turned out wonderful.

Place the raspberries in a pan, add the sugar, and let it sit for several hours. Of course, you will end up with some juice in the pan. Squeeze the lemon.

Place the pan on low heat. Let the mix simmer for 50 minutes after it starts boiling.

When the jam has cooled, transfer it into jars. (We got two large jars and a small one.)


I keep eating the jam from a large jar and... I’m fascinated!

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