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Only by testing recipes and understanding more and more which desserts and bakes you wish to focus on, will you realise which accessories are still lacking from your kitchen.

However, I have some tools that I love with all my heart, they help me a lot, and their look is also rather special.

The digital kitchen scales
Received as a gift from very dear friends, it shows the amounts down to the last gram.

The egg timer
It came with a package of pasta and we haven’t said goodbye since. Yes, our oven has a timer, but for all the other time measurements, there’s the egg!
The scales and the egg timer

The rolling pin
Did you forget on what page you are?...
I create shapes with it, I stretch the dough, I make it rise.

The baking mat and the spatula
I bought them together in Krakow, even if I could’ve found them in Romania, too. It was 2016, long before realising that I could bring some magic into the kitchen. I've used them many times. The spatula goes well as a knife, too, for when I take the yum stuff out of moulds; it doesn’t scratch anything.
The baking mat, the rolling pin, and the egg timer

The cake tester
I like it more when I check the state of my bakes with my cake tester than with a pick. Plus, it’s super-cute!
The cake tester to the foreground

The brush
The pastry brush. It is useful on so many occasions – brushing milk over scones, getting the dough moist to be able to stick it, preparing my trays and moulds for a new bake…

The wooden spoon
Mama and Gizimama (my Grandmas) used to tell me during my childhood years that the wooden spoon is like no other tool in terms of mixing. I agree and I have a set of wooden spoons from my Mom. ♥
The brush, the spatula, and the wooden brush in all their glory

So, pick your favourite wooden spoon and a sturdy bowl and let’s start baking! 

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