Raspberry syrup and blackberry syrup

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 Raspberry syrup and blackberry syrup

April 1st was indeed Fools’ Day! From repeated failures in the supply of power, our refrigerator broke. Dad came to help and we tried to solve things. The solution was to take the food to our terrace (it also snowed the following day).


It was tougher with the frozen berries. We stored what we could in my father’s freezer until the new refrigerator was delivered. What to do with the remaining berries? ’Syrup!’ was Marcel’s idea.

Syrup we made, our version of it! Juice the berries. Let the juice boil with the sugar on low heat for half an hour. When it cools, transfer it to bottles. You will get 10% less liquid in terms of amount.


It is a wonderful daily treat, either with still or bubbly water!


P.S. We used—

3.5 kg raspberries

3.5 kg sugar


1 kg blackberries

1 kg sugar

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