Walnut cookies

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Walnut cookies

(12 cookies)

60g powdered sugar
20g cocoa
a pinch of salt
15g dark chocolate (chips or small bits)
30g walnuts
1 egg white

I like cookies, but they’re not my ultimate dessert. However, these walnut ones are my favourite cookies.
They’re special – crunchy, flavourful, easy to munch. J
If you baked sponge cakes for Easter, you surely have egg whites left and this is the perfect opportunity to use them. Depending on how many you’ve got, you can multiply all the ingredient amounts in the recipe.

What else?
Using the ingredients that you love most will always lead you to the best results. No cutting corners when we bake!
Take, for instance, cocoa. I am absolutely crazy about cocoa. My favourite types are the Colombian and the Brazilian ones. I was lucky enough to be able to buy some cocoa from Brazil before returning home at the end of January. Its smell is... Let’s not mention its flavour...
And then, there’s chocolate. After many tests (and after falling for it at a café in northern Greece two years ago), I chose Callebaut and my favourite is the dark chocolate (vegan, actually) with a cocoa content of 54.5% (recipe no. 811).

Other suggestions?
Take the egg whites out of the fridge before using them; let them reach room temperature.
Cookies should better be slightly undercooked. Even if they don’t seem hard enough, they will harden, getting crunchy and delicious!

So, mix the powdered sugar, the salt, and the cocoa. Then, add the walnuts (a little bit crushed – I like the walnut bits larger, I like to feel them in the cookies) and the chocolate chips (bits). In the end, add the egg white and be careful not to overmix.
Prepare your ingredients - shell your walnuts

With a spoon, transfer the batter onto a baking tray (use baking parchment). The cookies will easily get a round shape.
This is how the cookies look like before baking

Bake in the preheated oven, at 150°C. After 10 minutes, turn the tray inside the oven and take it out after 2-3 minutes more. Wait for the cookies to cool – they will easily come off the parchment paper.  
Mine had a taste of South America and... I did improve my walnut shelling technique. :P

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