Favourite ingredients - poppy seeds

by - 23:20

Poppy in Eftimie Murgu, Romania

I was exhausted on Tuesday, with a lot on my plate, so I told myself that I’d better leave another favourite ingredient for today. I hope you’ve had an excellent day from a culinary perspective!



Today: poppy seeds


What terrifies me the most when working with poppy seeds? That nobody would be there to help grind the poppy seeds (I’ve inherited a device from my grandmothers). J


Where do I get poppy seeds from? Romanian poppy seeds are my favourite – flavourful, crunchy, and tasty. It would be nice to try poppy seeds from Afghanistan or Iran, where poppies abound. In Iranian culture, however, cooking with this ingredient is forbidden.


Why do I love them? Poppy seed desserts taste differently from classical desserts. It is this bittersweet flavour that’s driving me crazy! The poppy seed oil is delicious, too!  


How do I use them? Poppy seed cozonac (it must be my Transylvanian heritage!) is my favourite cozonac after the plain one.

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