Favourite ingredients - dulce de leche

by - 19:29

I will start a mini-series I’ve had on my mind for a while. It will deal with my favourite ingredients once every 3 weeks.

Rogel made by me


Today: dulce de leche


What is it? A more elaborate caramel, cooked for a longer time. 


What is its origin? My beloved Argentina. I was reading on the plane taking us from Comodoro Rivadavia to Buenos Aires in January 2020 that Argentines produce 95000 tons of dulce de leche yearly; they only export 10% of this amount.


Why do I love it? Because it turns a regular dessert into an unforgettable one. Additionally, it keeps well; it is easy to work with.


How do I use it? As a filling for the Argentinean staple desserts Rogel (in the picture, made by me) and alfajores.

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