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4 x mini Rogels

200ml sour cream, 25% fat content
200g flour

200g dulce de leche

Italian meringue
50g sugar
25ml water
1 egg white
a drop of vanilla extract

One of the dearest souls to my heart is an Argentinean girl called Nuria. Besides being really close friends (we met 9 years ago while staying at the same B&B – she was accompanied by her love, Telemaco –and they have a lovely little girl now, called Allegra- and I was accompanied by my Marcel), we have many things in common. One of our greatest passions is the one for baking.
She quit her job as a lawyer and opened an online bakery (she delivers her bakes and you can see them here –) and... while drooling over her posts, I got acquainted with... Rogel. [I was obsessed with Argentinean dulce de leche anyway.]
In January, we saw each other again in Argentina and we had made some plans to bake together, but we wandered more. Heading north, I tasted Rogel in Salta. It drove me crazy. So, I asked Nuria to give me the recipe. She was very glad to allow me to share it with you, as well. She also gifted me with dulce de leche – even the version for pastry chefs (and we agreed that we loved Vacalin).  

Slowly knead the two ingredients for the dough, in order not to activate the gluten. When the dough is no longer sticky, leave it in the fridge for 10 minutes (when pressed, the dough should not return to its initial shape).
Knead the dough
Roll out the dough, as thinly as possible, and cut out disks using a cutter or a glass (I used a 7cm cutter and got 20 disks). Bake them in the preheated oven, on baking parchment, at 160°C, for 12 minutes.
Bake the disks

After cooling, the disks will be put one on top of the other (I made towers of 5 disks each), with dulce de leche in-between.
A small trick: Press each tower after completing it.
Make towers with dulce de leche in-between

In the end, decorate each tower with Italian meringue. How to make it?
Beat the egg white stiff.
Meanwhile, leave the water and the sugar on low heat. When the sugar dissolves, increase the heat and stop stirring. After approximately 5 minutes, pour the syrup over the egg white and add a drop of vanilla extract. Mix carefully, pour into a decorating pouch and decorate each Rogel. If you wish, use a kitchen torch to give a touch of colour to your mini-cakes. J

Gracias, mi Nu – te quiero mucho ♥

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