Baked papanaşi

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Baked papanasi

Makes 16


500g cottage cheese

a few drops of vanilla extract

zest from one organic orange

2 eggs

2 tbsp of coconut sugar

1/2 sachet of baking powder

330g flour


+sour cream, blueberry jam


Fried, boiled, and even baked, papanaşi are always tasty!

However, there are times when – even with all the ingredients at hand –, I’m not in the mood to fry them. This recipe is precisely for those times!


They are easy to put together. Mix the cottage cheese, the vanilla extract, the orange zest, and the eggs. Add the coconut sugar, the baking powder, and the flour. Knead until the dough is firm and not sticky. Optional: keep it in the fridge for 45 minutes to turn it even firmer.

The papanasi dough

Then, divide it into 4. Each piece of dough will make 4 papanaşi. You’ll work with dough balls. Flatten each and make a hole in their centre.

This is how baked papanasi are made!

Shape them well before getting them into the oven. They’ll bake for 20 minutes at 180C, in a baking pan lined with baking parchment.

The golden papanasi

They turned golden and I served them with lots of local sour cream and blueberry jam.

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