Blueberry jam

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400g blueberries

400g sugar

100ml water

juice from half a lemon


I’ve told you before: this year – this summer, actually–, I’ve had a love story with blueberries. Marcel bought the last blueberries at the market a while ago; I used them for Pavlova and crema catalana, but I still had 400g left. Even if they were wild, the blueberries kept well in the fridge until I found a use for them.

An old recipe of my Mum helped.

It goes like this—


Clean and wash the blueberries well.

In a bowl, alternate blueberry layers and sugar layers and add the water.

Alternate blueberry layers and sugar layers

[You can now leave the bowl in the fridge for 7-8 hours.]

As a fast version, let it immediately simmer, on low heat, and squeeze the lemon.

Remove the foam. When the texture is syrupy, remove the bowl from the stove (it took 45 minutes in our case).

Pour the jam into jars after it cools. We got 2 small jars (250ml) and a half.

Place the jars in a cool environment.


Our blueberry jam turned out delicious!...

...and it goes great with papanaşi (I tested it)! :P

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