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Makes 5

This is my Grandma’s recipe and I found it in a very old notebook. I tested it and translated it and, first of all, here are the ingredients that I used—


500ml milk

8 teaspoons sugar

vanilla extract

50ml water

20g cornstarch

2 egg whites

30g powdered sugar

250ml sour cream


It is a homemade şarlota [=a type of Romanian custard that we eat separately, as a pudding], which took me back to the walks around my grandparents’ village, stopping at the only sweet shop in the area to buy the inexpensive yellowish dessert that calmed my cravings for ’something sweet’.  

How did I make it?


Mix the milk, sugar, and a little bit of vanilla extract in a pan; leave it for 5 minutes on low-medium heat and 15 minutes more on low heat, without stirring. Then, add the cornstarch dissolved in water and let the mix cool.

Separately, beat the egg whites with the powdered sugar until stiff and easily stir in the sour cream, using a wooden spoon. Pour this cream into the milk mix and split the final mix into 5 cups. Let these cups sit in the fridge overnight.

The two mixes for sarlota


I served şarlota with whipped cream. What about you? J

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