Pizza dough

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Pizza dough in my wonderbowl

250g flour

10g fresh yeast or 5g dry yeast

160 ml water

some sugar

some salt

To be honest, this is my Mom’s old pizza recipe – she used to bake it when I was a teenager. Don’t laugh – I started eating pasta and pizza only when I was 17. Well, in Romania, we were just starting to serve these dishes back then. Also, I thought that I wouldn’t like them. Aaaah, with my Dad allergic to mushrooms (or so we thought), my parents avoided feeding me mushrooms, although my Grandpa used to go mushroom picking and did such a great job every time.
Even now, that taste of Romanian tomatoes combined with mushrooms on some fluffy dough seems unequalled – but I will talk to you about mixing these flavours some other time, it makes my mouth water right now and I still haven’t had my lunch. :-)
I adapted my Mom’s recipe – and I guess that this pizza dough is what I baked most. I could do it with eyes closed, just feeling the dough based on the flour used. With whole grain wheat, its texture is different and it takes more time to rise. 
You will also learn to differentiate between these textures; finally, here’s the recipe—

If you decide baking with fresh yeast, remove it before working with it from the fridge.
Add dry or fresh yeast into 160 ml of lukewarm water and sprinkle some sugar (it’s something that I learned from a friendly lady working in one of my neighbourhood’s stores; she's a good friend now). Let it sit for 10 minutes.
After adding 200g of flour into a bowl, pour the mix of water, sugar, and yeast into it and put in salt and sugar to taste (but not too much). Start kneading and adding as much flour as needed until the dough is no longer sticky and you can shape it into a ball.
Cover the bowl with a lid, a kitchen towel, or a paper towel and leave the dough to rise for one hour, in a warm spot.

From here on, you can use the dough. We will keep baking with it, you’ll see! J

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