Favourite ingredients – lemons

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Lemons in the central market of Edirne, Turkey

Why was I away? I went on a trip, then I started a very strict detox (I’ll always return to sweets, don’t worry about it!), and I lost all my data, work, and pictures. Life goes on! With two of my favourite ingredients! I hope they inspire you and that you get baking with them!


Today: lemons


What terrifies me the most when working with lemons? That they are treated! I prefer them as they are, in their natural state. They have a different odour; baking with them is different.


Where do I get lemons from? Wherever I go and lemons grow, I try them. My favourite lemons remain those from Greece.


Why do I love them? I fell in love with lemons during the plandemic. They may be citrus fruits, but they’re extremely versatile. They give a certain freshness to every dessert that includes them.


How do I use them? The lemon pound cake is one of Marcel’s favourite bakes.

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