Lemon pound cake

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Lemon pound cake


2 eggs

80g sugar

zest and juice from 1 lemon (+a little bit of sugar)

60g yoghurt (I used Greek yoghurt)

60g flour


In time, I reached a certain conclusion: Romanians love pound cakes or – as we call them – „chec” [singular].

Marcel is extremely happy whenever he hears that I am baking a pound cake. He sometimes even suggests it – ’What are you baking today? ... What about a pound cake?’...

Consequently, I kept baking pound cakes over the years. One of our family’s favourite recipes was one inspired by Paul Hollywood – a lemon loaf.


And then... from all my mother’s recipes, one was a lemon pound cake. From only 5 ingredients.

How to bake it?

Grate the lemon zest (use an organic lemon!).   

Beat the egg whites until stiff; add the sugar bit by bit, like in the case of Pavlova.

Stir in the yolks one by one, with a wooden spoon; add the lemon zest, the yoghurt, and the flour.  

Make the pound cake batter

Bake the cake in the preheated oven, at 160°C, for 20 minutes, in a loaf baking pan covered in baking parchment.

While the pound cake is baking, squeeze the lemon (I always opt for a hand juicer used by bartenders). Add some sugar to sweeten the juice.  

Take out the pound cake from the oven and don’t let it cool. Using a cake tester or a toothpick, pierce the cake here and there over its entire surface. Pour the sweetened lemon juice over it – you may wish to use a spoon.

Pour the sweetened lemon juice over the pound cake

You can let it cool now and become syrupy. J


It will turn out fluffy and gummy at the same time – and so filling!

You will bake it again and again!

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