Favourite ingredients – cinnamon

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I’ve had many things on my mind. I feel bad I couldn’t go on earlier with my favourite ingredients. I will do it below, though! J

Cinnamon love

Today: cinnamon


What do I do knowing that not all people are cinnamon lovers? I use about half of what I’d use for a dessert made solely for me.


Where do I select cinnamon from? It is said that the best cinnamon in the world is from Sri Lanka. I don’t know why, but I’ve never tried it. I did test the cinnamon from Colombia, Ghana, and Iran (the one from Golestan Province is special). My favourite cinnamon, though, is the one from India.


Why do I love it? (I am crazy about it!) It is a perfect match for certain cheeses and fruits!


How do I use it? My last recipe deals with cinnamon and yoghurt cookies. I like it most, though, in the apple pie.

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