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4 portions

500ml milk
80g sugar
20g flour
25g cocoa
30g butter
30g dark chocolate

+ a few biscuits
+ some extra drops of milk
+ pistachio
+ coconut flakes

Istanbul was our stopover when we returned from Brazil, in January. As it is one of my favourite cities, I never say 'No' to a visit. Even if it's only for a few hours.
I tried a dessert that I absolutely loved and I struggled to find out its name and its recipe, but I finally did.

Supangle – a delight.

To make it, mix the milk, the sugar, the flour, and the cocoa.
Heat and stir continuously until it boils and hardens.
Add the butter and the dark chocolate and continue to mix until it cools a bit.
Put old pieces of cake or biscuits on the bottom of the ramekins and sprinkle a bit of milk on them, then pour the mix over them and refrigerate.
Sprinkle coconut flakes and/or shred pistachio before serving.

P.S. Best chocolate pudding ever. Not kidding!

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