Pumpkin seed butter waffles

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Pumpkin seed butter waffles

I wanted to make them for so long. In the end, I did.

What to use for 7 waffles?

130g flour

3g baking powder

200ml milk

3g salt

30g (melted and cooled) butter

2 tbsp of pumpkin seed butter


How to make them?

Have your waffle-making device ready.

Mix all the ingredients. Transfer the batter to the waffle-making device by using a ladle. Be careful! The batter will be very elastic. You can place a ball of batter in the middle of the waffle mould – it will spread when heated.

Pumpkin seed butter waffle batter

These waffles are very filling. They can even be used as ’bread slices’ or eaten with vegetables and cheese.

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