Fig jam

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Fig jam

I haven’t been able to get to Svinia this year to get figs. I was glad, though, that the figs came to Braşov. It was short-lived, however. It rained over them on the terrace and I wasn’t able to process them, so Marcel saved precisely 

350g figs

I also needed—

90ml water

175g sugar

the juice from half a lemon


How to make the jam?

Boil the water and the sugar in a pan, on low heat, until the sugar dissolves.

Meanwhile, wash the figs and cut their tails. Add them whole in the already hot liquid.

Cleaned figs

After 20 minutes, squeeze the lemon half, all the while removing the foam from the mix as often as possible. 

Boil the jam for 20 minutes more. Turn the heat off. Let the jam cool a bit and pour it into a 300g jar. It’s all I got.


I was still grateful for my first fig jam and its deliciousness! ♥


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