Vegan tart crust 2

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Vegan tart crust 2

100g buckwheat flour

50g tapioca flour

a pinch of salt

50g water

1 large tbsp flax seeds

1 tbsp vinegar

50g coconut oil

25g agave syrup


+coconut oil and tapioca flour -> your baking pan


Here’s another easy tart crust recipe... and you can bake it right away. It’s a match for chocolate (you’ll see).  


In a bowl, mix the flour types and the salt. Separately, mix the wet ingredients – the coconut oil, the flax seeds left for a few minutes in the water, the vinegar, and the agave syrup. Then, pour the wet ingredients onto the dry ones.

When you reach a nice consistency, start kneading until you get a soft and wet ball of dough. 

Using a silicone mould (which doesn’t need greasing) or one of another type (either round or square) – which must be greased though –, spread the dough onto its bottom and its sides.


The fillings will follow!

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