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I tried salep for the first time (I didn’t even know its name!) in Iran. Right before going snowboarding at Dizin, I felt like catching a cold and our host Shookoo then poured some powder into a hot water cup – I even found quince seeds inside the composition that had turned gummy. It helped me feel better and I went to the pharmacy to take some for home.

Last month, Marcel and I were arriving in Gjirokaster and were welcomed dearly. The following morning, Erland was helping us out with the translation while his Grandma, Emine, helped us exchange gastronomy insights of our countries.

Among others, she mentioned a mountain orchid tubercle and then she made a drink, explaining that it was best drunk in winter or when catching a cold and that the powder that she used was fully ’organic’. Bingo – I connected the dots and told them my Asian story.


Here’s the recipe for 2 portions; hope it’s useful!

1 teaspoon salep powder

200ml water

Variant: 200ml milk (even vegetable milk – I tried it out with coconut milk)

Salep powder - a gift from Albania

Leave the water with the salep powder on medium heat for 6 minutes.

Let it cool for 5 minutes.

Pour into 2 cups and drink it as such or add milk to it before drinking.


It is wonderful to travel with an open heart – for new friends and new experiences!

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