Elderflower cordial

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Elderflower cordial

1l water

1kg sugar

4 organic lemons

25 elderflowers


Each June, Marcel and I have things on our list: ’We’ll go pick elderflowers... June can’t pass without us making syrup’. To honour our childhood summers, full of elderflower scent and spent in our grandparents’ home, we find a sunny afternoon and pick elderflowers (Marcel – more). He also recreates the childhood taste. How?


Separate the elderflowers from the stem.

Separate the elderflowers from the stem

Boil the water and the sugar until the latter melts. Let the mix cool.

Transfer it into a large jar, squeeze the lemons, and add the elderflowers.

Keep the jar in a cool space for 3 days.


How to serve? Pour 2 fingers of cordial in a glass; add still or bubbly water.

What will happen? You’ll get refreshed and overwhelmed by memories. J

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