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(dish: 15x22 cm)


300ml coffee

3 eggs

3 tbsp sugar (shaved)

a pinch of salt

250g mascarpone

7-8 ladyfingers


+cocoa powder


I’ve had tiramisù in many places. The best one, in my view, was however not in Sardinia, continental Italy, or even Sicily, but at home, made by Marcel. So I asked him to give me the recipe, to publish on my blog and let you enjoy it, too.


Make the coffee – about 300ml.

Separate the egg whites and the yolks. Beat the egg whites stiff with the sugar.

Beat the egg whites stiff with the sugar

Mix the yolks with the salt and the mascarpone.

Add the yolk mixture to the egg white mixture, using a wooden spoon.

Add the yolk mixture to the egg white mixture

Take the dish, add a layer of cream. Soak the ladyfingers in coffee and place them on top of the cream layer and then cover them up with another layer of the cream.

A layer of cream, a layer of ladyfingers...

Leave the dish in the fridge to rest overnight and sprinkle cocoa – as much as you’d like – over the tiramisù in the morning. And then, savour it.


In our opinion, tiramisù is one of the best breakfasts. We wake up with so much ease whenever we know we’d have it in the morning. Marcel divides the tiramisù into 4, powders half of it and... in the afternoon (it kept happening over last year), he comes into our living room, with the same line— ’I’m craving something sweet’... so this scrumptious dessert doesn’t last long. J

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