Caraway soup

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Caraway soup

For 2

30g butter (you can use 30ml of vegetable oil for the vegan version)
30g flour
1 tbsp caraway seeds
1 small onion
500ml water

Which is your favourite soup?
Mine (I don’t like soups that much) is the caraway soup. To me, it’s fantastic, it reminds me of childhood, of when my grandmothers would make it for me, and it’s flavourful!

What else do I like about caraway soup?
It is extremely easy to make (I found the original recipe in one of my Grandma’s notebooks – it only had 4 lines!). I didn’t have much time today, but I wanted to cook something, so… it was a match.  
Make the rântaş in a small pan: mix the butter and the flour until they are golden. 
Make the rantas
Add the caraway seeds, the chopped onion, the salt, and the water – which must be cold –.
Stir until it starts boiling – 7-8 minutes, on low-medium heat.
This is how the caraway soup looks like before straining
Let it cool a bit and strain it.
Serve it with croutons – I made them from 3 older scones, cut into three and well roasted in a pan. Here’s their recipe.

I was very glad to be able to taste my first caraway soup! J There’s great satisfaction in eating something that you’ve always loved, knowing that you’ve made it yourself.

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