Eggless dark chocolate mousse

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Eggless dark chocolate mousse

4 portions
200g dark chocolate
1 tbsp ground coffee
30g powdered sugar
250g sour cream, 25% fat content (or whipping cream)

What to do when we crave a chocolatey dessert?
We make a mousse!

Melt the chocolate (I used 54.5% Barry Callebaut chocolate) on a steam bath, together with a tablespoon of ground coffee (I used Colombian coffee). You will see that the taste of chocolate will be more intense.
Add coffee to the chocolate and melt on a steam bath
Let the melted chocolate bowl cool a bit.
Whip the cream and the sugar.
Add it to the chocolate mixture, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon.  
Add the sour cream; stir slowly with a wooden spoon
Divide the mousse (yes! you did it) into 4 jars or cups (or Martini glasses).
You can decorate and serve with berries.
I have always loved simplicity.

It is a very filling dessert and I promise that it’s nothing like any ready-to-buy products found on a store shelf.
The mousse will bear your signature, you will put soul into it... and it will show.

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