Dessert with ladyfingers and kiwis

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Dessert with ladyfingers and kiwis

75g sugar
1 small egg
lemon zest
15g flour
100ml water
25g dark chocolate
100g sour cream, 25% fat content
12 ladyfingers
3 kiwis

+a little bit of cocoa
+a little bit of milk

The kiwi season may have come to an end, but whenever you manage to find this fruit, here’s an easy (and very nice) recipe—
(15x22 cm dish)

Make the cream: sugar + egg + lemon zest + flour + water mixed on a water bath until it thickens.
Mix in the dark chocolate (chopped) + the sour cream (or whipping cream). You will also need the 3 kiwis, sliced.
First layer: 6 ladyfingers + cream + kiwis;
Second layer: idem 1;
Third layer: cream.
Set the dessert up
Refrigerate, dust cocoa powder on top, enjoy.

For soft slices, sprinkle some milk on the ladyfingers.

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