Colchão de noiva

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Colchão de noiva

Makes 4 portions

100g biscuits
270g whipping cream
15g sugar
230g condensed milk
   500ml milk
   133g sugar

I’m travelling back in time today, to January 2019. It seems like yesterday. I was exploring the Azores with Marcel and I plan to return because I loved my experiences there! We went out one evening to a posh restaurant, recommended by our host in Ribeira Grande, and I had my eyes on a dessert – as always. Even the waiter complimented me on my choice and Marcel... well, he ordered a portion, too. He liked it that much! It became one of his favourite desserts ever.
I have been trying and trying to find its name (I did find the bill, in the end), navigating through several recipe versions. I stuck to one that resembles most what we savoured there, quenching our wanderlust and love for special desserts.

This dessert (sobremesa in Portuguese) is very easy to make.
Crush the biscuits (I used Petit Beurre type biscuits and my blender helped me a lot).
Crush the biscuits
Whip the cream well and gradually mix in the condensed milk. If you decide to use a homemade condensed milk version, you can find it here.
How to set this dessert up? A layer of crushed biscuits, a layer of cream, a layer of crushed biscuits, a layer of cream, and then another thin layer of crushed biscuits. You can use a larger bowl or individual cups.

Let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours. It is going to be hard to resist, but I promise it is worth it!

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