Homemade chocolate

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Homemade chocolate and orangeade on a warm spring day

250g sugar
160g powdered milk
33g cocoa
170ml water
65g butter
vanilla extract

First of all, it’s a type of fudge that every child and adult in Romania loves. This recipe reminds me of my childhood, as it is my mother’s recipe. I remember how anxious I was while waiting for my Mom to pour the chocolate into a tray and then cut it... to be able to taste it, of course!
I will leave my mother’s words to guide you.

Mix the sugar and the cocoa, then add the water and heat in a pot for 7 minutes. Cool. 
Stir until the mix is smooth and slightly warm.
Separately mix 80g powdered milk with the butter (melted, at room temperature) and then add this new mix to the warm one. Mix in the remaining 80g of powdered milk and a drop of vanilla extract.
Mix powdered milk with the butter

Pour into a tray (20x20cm, lined with a baking parchment), level the chocolate mass, and cut after it cools.
Pour the chocolate into a tray

I bet you’ll fall in love with the taste of this homemade chocolate!
Let me know if it is so. J

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