Favourite ingredients - walnuts

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Walnut cookies

I am performing an inner and outer cleaning. In short, I reorganise stuff. I may have not observed the posting days this week and unintentionally skipped a piece 3 weeks ago, but here’s a double dose. J



Today: walnuts


What terrifies me the most when working with walnuts? The thought that I could accidentally prepare a dessert with a piece of walnut shell inside!


Where do I get walnuts from? I’ve tasted walnuts from several places where they’ve grown for centuries, but Romanian walnuts are still the best for me!


Why do I love them? They are incredibly versatile; they immediately change a dessert, making it more inviting!  


How do I use them? From all sorts of cakes to pancake toppings. In my opinion, however, they shine most in cozonac.   

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