Strawberry tartlets

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 Strawberry tartlet

The strawberry season hasn’t yet ended and... I had only baked myself a small cake on my name day, so I told myself... ’Why not?’.

You will need the following ingredients, in addition to the tartlet moulds, for the 


150g flour

70g (melted and cooled) butter /oil also goes – I used flaxseed oil/

1 egg yolk

1 vanilla sugar sachet

1 tbsp vinegar

2 tbsp water

a pinch of salt



1 egg

165ml milk

60g sugar

25g flour

a dash of vanilla extract


+butter/oil and flour -> baking moulds

+at least 15-16 large strawberries


All these make 8 tartlets. J


I made the dough based on this recipe and I split it into 8. I used flaxseed oil instead of butter. Bake the mini crusts for 20 minutes, in the preheated oven, at 160C. To keep the crusts thin, I used baking beans.

Strawberry tartlet crusts in moulds + baking beans

To make the cream, beat the egg and the sugar. Add the flour and mix very well. Pour the mix into the milk boiling with the vanilla extract. Continue to mix until you see bubbles forming. Pour the cream into the mini crusts (I took them out of the moulds first).  

Strawberry tartlet cream

Let them cool a bit and place them in the fridge.

Marcel’s suggestion was to place the strawberries (cleaned and cut into slices) onto the tartlets right before serving. They were fresher this way.


There is so much versatility offered by the various crust and cream recipes, combined with nature’s gifts to us!

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