Why so many food intolerances?

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My beginnings as a dessert creator

Among suggestions and recipes, I wished to write this piece. I hope it is useful to all those who feel the same way and thought-provoking to all those who are skeptical!


In March 2022, I reached the lowest point in terms of health in the past years. In short, when I look back, I felt poisoned. If I look back at the pictures, I didn’t look too healthy.

I felt very weak; I could barely lift a needle from the ground let alone take part in all the activities that had been my companions for more than half the years of this life. I was saddened and frustrated the most by the fact that I felt powerless.

What did I do, especially since I believe I am the only person to accurately feel what is happening with my body?

I had been fighting sinusitis since the end of 2019. Because I am not a fan of drugs, I did try several treatments (all plant-based). [I know too well that we must treat the cause and not the symptoms.]

My belief system was not fully constructed that way back then but I had realised that something from what I was eating was disrupting my life, so I started eliminating all the items that were giving me headaches and toothaches, as well as nausea, one by one.

Foods containing eggs, gluten, lactose, and sugar were no longer part of my diet. I admit – it was difficult to be almost vegan for one year, eliminating even my beloved and versatile wheat flour from my baking shelf.

I lost weight; I got back into shape; I regained my strength.

Then, surprisingly, I realised that the ’allergies’ had not entirely disappeared, but I didn’t feel sick from all items containing wheat flour that I ate. My sinuses were bothering me only when I ate some desserts made of milk.

After a few more months of tests on my body and trips where I experienced the cuisine of the countries visited, I can tell you that... in my opinion, there are no food allergies. Not even spiritual reasons in this case (I walked that path, too!). There are only ultrasensitive people to the quality of the ingredients used.

The soil is a big problem. In many places, it is poisoned. The wheat grown in this soil is ground and ends up in the bread you eat for dinner.

What about milk? Eggs? Well, doesn’t the cow also eat from the soil? Hens, too! I even know when beer is of bad quality. And sugar would not be that bad if not produced from beet grown in unhealthy soil.

Can you believe that I can also feel the poison in the coffee? I don’t drink coffee, but I do chew coffee beans at times, and I immediately understand where things stand.

Be careful when using salt – it may contain anticaking agents – or Vegeta-type substances, which contain monosodium glutamate as a flavour enhancer! Practically, we make ourselves sick.

To conclude, Romania is wonderful and we have agricultural land to feed two more countries our size. It seems to me, though, that we are being sabotaged. Either many of the lands were poisoned or we buy raw materials from other parts of the world, which are labelled and sold as Romanian. I am positive that our health and well-being are not the goals of authorities.

The headaches and toothaches that I feel whenever I come into contact with the poison in food are terrible. I found solutions, though – I buy directly from producers, I avoid processed foods as much as possible, and I choose what’s organic.

I choose to trust those people who understand how important it is to eat healthily, in the true sense of the word, my new friends from ROMO

Ciabattas made from wheat flour bought from a kind local producer

Wherever I go, in the country or abroad, I buy from markets, from the people’s houses, from their orchards and gardens.

I wish to be able to serve a tasty sweet to those visiting me at home, as well as to my future customers... and leave them joyful – and that’s it. ♥

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