Pistachio Latte

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Pistachio Latte

Because in the hot season, life usually starts in Saudi Arabia after 5pm and it’s difficult to find breakfast, this was one of our life savers during our trip there. This and the juices.  

I’m not a coffee drinker (I just chew the coffee beans – don’t laugh); still, I enjoyed it.

With the help of my kitchen elf, here’s the recipe.

You’ll need—


1 espresso

150ml milk

3 teaspoons of sugar

3 tbsp of pistachio butter


+ dried rose petals to decorate your latte


First, make the espresso.

Then, boil the milk and the sugar until it’s foamy.

Add the pistachio butter to an empty cup.

Pour the milk over the pistachio butter and then the espresso.

Decorate with dried rose petals if you have any; we found some from Medina.


For a full experience, mix. ♥

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