Einkorn bread

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 Einkorn bread

10g dry yeast

400ml water

1 teaspoon of sugar

500g einkorn flour (+6 extra tablespoons)

10g salt


baking pan: 25 cm (long)


As I took a break from gluten this year (I needed to) and as things come to people when they need them, I learned about einkorn. It is very close to wild wheat, so, its untreated form; consequently, it is not bad for me, with a lower amount of gluten.

(It is obvious that if we had left food as it was at the beginning of time, we wouldn’t have had allergies and invented diseases.)


It is so easy to make. Let the yeast and the sugar rise for 5 minutes in lukewarm water. In another bowl, add the einkorn flour, the salt, and the mix prepared above.

Knead (the dough will be a bit sticky, so add up to 6 additional tablespoons of flour). I left it to rise for 1 hour in a proofing basket but, if you haven’t got any, you can use a regular bowl and cover it with a kitchen towel.

This is how the dough rose

Then, transfer the dough (still sticky a bit) to a pound cake baking pan lined with baking parchment. Bake in the preheated oven at 250C for 10 minutes, then at 180C for 20 more minutes.


It is very tasty and filling. It keeps well from one day to the next.

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