Chocolate-covered plums

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Chocolate-covered plums

For someone who’s been a fan of chocolate-covered plums for as long as I have known him (and kept searching for them throughout our trips in Moldova and Ukraine), Marcel found the perfect weekend. I worked (well, he did, too) and had no time to prepare sweets.


He used

500g dried plums with nuts

200g dark chocolate


He melted two-thirds of the chocolate in a steam bath and then stirred in the remaining third. This way, he was able to temper the chocolate, which kept its shine and crunchiness.

By using some grill clippers, he soaked the plums into the melted chocolate and then put them onto baking parchment, in a large baking pan. He placed the pan into the fridge until the chocolate hardened (we recommend keeping the bonbons in a cool place even after the chocolate hardening).


They’re a feast for all choco lovers!

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