Banana and peanut butter cookies

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 Banana and peanut butter cookies

Makes 17-18 cookies

1 tbsp flaxseeds

3 tbsp water

1 tbsp agave syrup

1 tbsp coconut oil

a drop of vanilla extract

1 banana

75g peanut butter

100g gluten-free flakes

½ sachet of baking powder


I had a banana and some peanut butter left. ‘Some cookies would be nice’ I told myself. To be honest, I was craving cookies.


Mix the flaxseeds with the water, by adding the agave syrup, the coconut oil, and the vanilla extract. Mash the banana and mix in the peanut butter and the gluten-free flakes. Sprinkle the baking powder at the end.

The cookie batter

The batter was moist, but I could easily shape it into cookies, placing them into a large baking pan lined with baking parchment. Bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven, at 160C.


They didn’t last for long. :D

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