Yoghurt and raspberry cake

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 Yoghurt and raspberry cake


Baking pan: 34 x 24 cm | 12-16 portions


390g flour

½ sachet baking powder

150g sugar

½ sachet vanilla sugar

a pinch of salt

zest from one organic orange

340g yoghurt

2 eggs

80g (melted) butter

2 small cups of (frozen or fresh) raspberries


+ butter, flour -> baking pan


I bake a lot depending on the ingredients that I have and on my cravings. I don’t like throwing food away and I had some yoghurt left. At the beginning of the week, I had already baked a cottage cheese and (frozen) raspberry pie; I didn’t want to wait until summer came. So, I adapted this old yoghurt cake recipe by adding the raspberries – a nice touch!


Mix the flour, the baking powder, the sugar, the vanilla sugar, the salt, the orange zest, the yoghurt, the whole eggs, and the melted butter. Add the raspberries at the end (frozen; I just washed them twice).

Yoghurt and raspberry cake before the oven

Butter and flour the baking pan and bake the cake in the preheated oven, at 180°C, for 20 minutes.


We are travelling again and this cake is easily transported and... I hope you are going to like it, too! ♥    

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