Grape cake

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Grape cake

2 eggs
100g sugar
vanilla extract
lemon zest
½ sachet baking powder
75g butter (melted and cooled)
75g yoghurt
200ml milk
75g flour
250g grapes

It is wise to eat frugally during these times, in my opinion. I had some grapes from my Dad (he always buys me grapes!), so I told myself to try out a new recipe from my Mom.

The egg whites are beaten until stiff and sugar is added little by little, followed by the egg yolks. A dash of vanilla extract and a little bit of lemon zest are also mixed in, together with the baking powder, the butter, the yoghurt, the milk (I used pistachio milk), and the flour.
The egg whites are beaten until stiff

The dough is poured into a rectangular baking pan, on baking parchment.
The grapes are washed and rolled through some flour and are scattered over the dough.
The grapes are scattered over the dough

Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, at 180°C.

Mom writes at the end of her recipe that you may use any fruits – ’juicy’ ones, I’d add: sour cherries, apricots, cherries, blackberries…

This cake is so fluffy and ‘so easy to eat’, like my Marcel would say!
You’re welcome! :P

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