Apple soufflé

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(4 portions)

I looked through many recipes today and I realised that I don’t have much butter left (my favourite ingredient), but that I do have apples and that they would soon spoil if I don’t use them.
As I don’t like throwing food away, simply because many people lack food, I told myself ‘Let me try a soufflé’. A healthy one – my Mom’s recipe.
Apple soufflé

250g apples
500ml water
100g sugar
1 egg white
1 sachet of vanilla sugar

Let’s clean the apples and cut them into slices.

Heat 500ml of water with 100g of sugar. The apples are added after the sugar dissolves. Boil well, for 5-7 minutes.
The apples are added; boil well

Prepare some ramekins or heat-resistant cups and put the apple slices into them, without the juice.
Put the apple slices into the ramekins

After beating an egg white with a sachet of vanilla sugar, spoon the foam over the apple slices.
Spoon the foam over the apple slices

Fill 1/5 of two smaller trays or heat-resistant dishes with water, put the ramekins or cups into them, and leave them in the preheated oven at 170ºC, for 7 minutes.  

The soufflé is best served warm – it gives off a wonderful feeling, especially on cold winter afternoons.

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