Fluffy banana and yoghurt pancakes

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Fluffy banana and yoghurt pancakes

Makes 4 pancakes (Φ 14 cm)


1 banana

1 egg

120g yoghurt

65g flour

4g baking powder

5g vanilla sugar


+ butter à pan

+ hazelnut spread à serving  


At times, we are craving a filling and fast breakfast. These pancakes can be a successful candidate to this end.


How to make them?

Mash the banana, add the entire egg, the yoghurt (I used buffalo yoghurt), the flour, the baking powder, and the vanilla sugar. Mix well.

The batter for the fluffy banana and yoghurt pancakes

Butter the pan and let it heat up. Spread a big ladle of batter onto the entire surface of the pan (thickness: 2-3 mm); flip the pancake only when you see bubbles form. (Be careful – banana pancakes have a different texture than regular pancakes; it is more difficult to work with them and are stickier.)


Serve them warm with a hazelnut spread. Not even our cats were indifferent.

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