Sahlab latte

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Sahlab latte

200ml milk

5 teaspoons of sugar

1/3 teaspoon of salep powder

a drop of rose water


+ dried rose petals


I knew from a very dear Albanian friend that you could drink salep powder with water and milk. She made them both for me in Gjirokastër two years ago but I’ve only tried the milk version since in AlUla. And I fell in love!

(Note 1: You can use plant-based milk. Note 2: Cornstarch has become very popular as a salep powder substitute. In this drink, however, I prefer the latter.)  


Mix the milk, the sugar, and the salep powder. Let it boil (it will thicken a bit).

Add some rose water to your mix.

Then, pour everything into a cup and sprinkle dried rose petals on top.


You’ll love it. It took me back to Saudi Arabia. Really.

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