Quince and apple pie

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Quince and apple pie


150g flour

70g (melted and cooled) butter

1 yolk

1 sachet vanilla sugar

1 tbsp of vinegar

2 tbsp of water

a pinch of salt


+2 tbsp of semolina

+butter and flour -> your baking pan



3 quinces

1 apple

100ml water

50g sugar

30g butter



Here’s a very quick and tasty pie for the end of fall/beginning of winter and for all those who still have quinces. J


Make the crust based on this recipe. Sprinkle the semolina onto the crust, to absorb the juice of the fruit pieces.

To make the filling, clean the quinces and the apple and cut them into cubes. Pour them into a pan, together with the water, sugar, and cinnamon, and place it on low-medium heat. Let the butter melt slowly on top of all the ingredients.

Cut the quinces and apples into cubes

After the mix boils, the water level drops, and the fruit pieces are caramelised, you can transfer them to the crust.

Transfer the fruit pieces onto the crust

Bake in the preheated oven, at 170ºC, for 15 minutes.  


One slice won’t be enough.

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