Hot chocolate

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Hot chocolate

100g dark chocolate (at least 54.5% cocoa content)

300ml milk

90g whipping cream



a teaspoon of ground coffee

a dash of cinnamon



Isn't hot chocolate the perfect remedy on a cold day or whenever you need to feel pampered? Or maybe it's simply comforting for all those in need of a big hug.

This is my version of hot chocolate—


Melt the dark chocolate on a steam bath. Let it cool for a couple of minutes.

Melt the dark chocolate on a steam bath

Meanwhile, heat the milk and pour the melted chocolate into the milk, continuously stirring until close to boiling. Let the mix cool and pour into cups.

Beat the whipping cream with the sugar and add dollops of cream into the hot chocolate.


Enjoy it!

I love mine with a bit of sprinkled cinnamon on top.


P.S. I also add a teaspoon of ground coffee while I melt the chocolate.

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