Melon popsicles

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Melon popsicles

3 popsicles

128g melon (diced)
38g sugar
3g lemon juice
13g water
a pinch of salt
a drop of vanilla extract
a drop of rose water

When I was a child – I don’t know if it happened to you –, I loved watermelons (they were even synonymous with summer to me), but I wouldn’t touch melons (although my parents adored them).
This changed in 2011, during my first trip to Brazil. I rediscovered melons. Or should I say that I discovered them? :D
It’s Marcel’s turn not to eat melons in any other form than fresh. But that doesn’t stop me from preparing my treats.  
Like these popsicles.
So easy to make! And don’t get me started on the taste…
Blend all the ingredients.
Pour the mix into the popsicle moulds.

If I start thinking about it, the rose water adds an oriental flavour. It is definitely a mix of continents.
What do you think?

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