Caramel sauce

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Caramel sauce

200g sugar
a pinch of salt
60ml water
80g sour cream, 25% fat content
4 tbsp butter

If I were to choose, caramel is definitely my favourite dessert. Too general?
It tastes so good that generalising feels ok.
The problem is that I never got my caramel sauces right.

Until now.
Add the sugar and salt into the water and let it simmer until they dissolve. Stir once in a while, then leave it boil.
Increase the heat after 5 minutes and let the mix boil for some 6-7 minutes more without stirring (you will see how it turns golden).
Turn off the heat and immediately stir in the sour cream and the butter.
Let it cool and then transfer into a glass bowl/jar or use it immediately. J

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