Cinnamon and yoghurt cookies

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Cinnamon and yoghurt cookies; cup by Diana Tivu; aronia syrup by Culmea Fructelor

I had forgotten about this cinnamon and yoghurt cookie recipe. They’re a real treat for cinnamon lovers and quite easy to make.



60g butter

120g yoghurt

120g whole-wheat flour

5g baking powder

a pinch of salt

4 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon powder

for 25 cookies



Melt the butter.

Meanwhile, mix the flour, baking powder, pinch of salt, sugar, and cinnamon.  

Add the melted butter and the yoghurt.  

In a large baking pan lined with baking parchment, shape the dough as cookies.

Then, bake in the (preheated) oven for 15 minutes at 180C.

Cinnamon and yoghurt cookies in the baking pan

How are they? J

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