Some thoughts about water

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Analemma - used for structuring water

I promised to write some thoughts on water in this piece.

By following some doctors in the United States worthy of being called as such by vocation and empathy, I stumbled upon Veda Austin. I am fascinated by how water lives and how it absorbs information! (We also ran an experiment.) 

Besides the traumas that turn our body upside down and the foods that poison it, I feel that water plays a crucial role. I don't believe that water from the tap doesn't contain any elements that are bad for us.

We have been filtering our water since 2019; all the animals who lived and are living with us received filtered water.

This summer, Marcel bought an analemma. We are also structuring our water now by using this ’wand’. Apparently, structured water structures unstructured water in any container.

What did I notice? An increase in our appetite, even in the appetite of the cats! Meals feel lighter. Water feels more drinkable. 

If we are present and attentive, we will stay young and healthy in our home to enjoy this wonderful gift as we please.


P.S. I promise to write a more detailed piece about structured water.

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