Strawberry vegan brownie

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Strawberry vegan brownie

100g buckwheat flour

30g tapioca flour

150ml water

2 tbsp flaxseeds

20ml olive oil

50g agave syrup

35g cocoa

5-6 large strawberries


because even we, vegans, sometimes crave yum desserts, here’s a tasty version of a plant-based brownie. J


How to make it? In a bowl, mix the buckwheat flour, the tapioca flour, the water, and the flaxseeds (if you let the flaxseeds sit in water for 5-10 minutes before adding them to the mix, that’s great). Add the olive oil, the agave syrup, and the cocoa.

Place the batter into a baking mould (I used a round silicone one). Cut 5-6 strawberries into slices and place them on top; then, bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven, at 160°C.

Vegan brownie - ready for the oven!

Let’s enjoy strawberries while they’re still in season! ♥

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