Berry smoothie bowl

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Berry smoothie bowl

-        My love, we can’t have cakes every day... even though they’re delicious.

[’of course we can!’ I say to myself, but then I think about it and feel that my man may be right, so I make a healthy dessert]

You can make it, too, and here are the ingredients (and then the method)—


(for 1 portion)


150g blackberries

75g yoghurt

100g raspberries

50g sour cream

30g almonds (soaked)

10g dark chocolate


It’s very easy to make: blend separately, two by two. First off, the blackberries and the yoghurt.

First layer: blackberries + yoghurt

Then, the raspberries and the sour cream.

Second layer: raspberries + sour cream

Last, the almonds and the chocolate.

Pour by layers into a bowl and then mix and savour.


Very healthy, very filling!

For the vegan version, you can use two vegan yoghurts of different flavours.

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