Vegan grape cake

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 Vegan grape cake


My inspiration came from a Tuscan speciality. But then, I let my imagination and senses carry me away. It was labelled as ’delicious’ and I hope you like it, too.  

I used—

4g dry yeast

2 tbsp Marsala wine

1 tbsp agave syrup

90ml (warm) water

100g almond meal

50g tapioca flour

30ml olive oil

a pinch of salt

a bunch of grapes

40g coconut sugar


+tapioca flour, olive oil, agave syrup


Mix the yeast, the wine (not necessarily Marsala wine), and the agave syrup. Then, pour the warm water, starting to mix in the almond meal and the tapioca flour (you may add some extra tapioca flour if the dough is too sticky). After adding the olive oil and the salt, knead the dough and let it rest for 45 minutes.

The dough - after sitting for 45 minutes

Meanwhile, wash the grapes and grease and flour (using olive oil and tapioca flour) a baking pan of 15x22 cm.

Spread half of the dough on the bottom of the baking pan, placing half of the grapes on top. Sprinkle the coconut sugar and cover with the remaining dough (be careful, it is crumbly); place the remaining grapes on top and pour agave syrup over the cake.

Bake in the preheated oven, at 170°C, for 20 minutes, and then for 25 minutes more, at 150°C.


This cake fills you up and is... surprising, too!

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