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4 portions

500ml milk
4 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp cornstarch
50ml water
a little bit of rose water
a little bit of orange blossom water

+ rose petals
+ pistachio

It is a wonderful dessert – so simple… so unforgettable.
I discovered it for the first time in the sweet shop of a Romanian (half Jordanian) pastry chef in my hometown and I got hooked.  
I rediscovered it in Iran, as harire badam – the almond version.

How to make it?
Whenever you crave something sweet and you’ve got milk, as a basic ingredient, you can start smiling because you’ll love it.
Pour the milk into a large pan (low-medium heat), add the sugar, and stir slowly.
Separately, dissolve the cornstarch into water.
Pour the milk into a large pan and add the sugar
When the milk starts boiling, pour the cornstarch/water mix into the pan. Continue to stir until it thickens.
Pour a little bit of rose water and a little bit of orange blossom water and stir some more.
Transfer into ramekins, bowls, or cups.
I use a small grater to grate a pistachio nut onto every portion obtained. In this case, I also used rose petals bought in Iran.
Let the dessert cool a bit and – if you have the heart not to eat it on the spot – put it into the fridge overnight.

In the end, muhallabieh is a milk pudding. And milk always brings along a little bit of magic. ♣  

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